Remanufacturing as old as the Bronze Age

Remanufacturing is one of the oldest industries in the world the recycling of metals has been carried out since the Bronze Age, over 4,000 years ago. Remanufacturing is defined as a series of manufacturing steps acting on an end-of-life part or product in order to return it to like-new or better performance, with warranty to match. It has been practiced industrially in the UK for at least a century, but its contribution to the country's economic, environmental and social landscape has been largely undervalued. The concept of remanufacturing is now however, coming to the fore and beginning to be recognised by the UK government for its importance, particularly in an environmental context. There is now an online UK Forum, and other interested parties on the internet, all concerned with the remanufacturing process across various sectors e.g. hoovers, ink cartridges, as well as the automotive industry. Radio 4 recently gave a one hour prime-time slot to remanufacturing and a previous 'Working Lunch' programme: Green technology powers firm's growth, featuring the importance of remanufacturing to the development of an engineering business BBC 'A Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse' has been established with Defra funding to promote the activity of remanufacturing and other reuse options. This is designed to raise the profile of the industry; provide information and support to practitioners; provide information for policy makers and interested organisations; assist purchasers, public and private, understand the advantages of buying reused, with specifications for equipment; and act as a resource for researchers.
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