Quality control

skill and diligenceAt the heart of our production system is our quality control (QC) system one of the most important and dynamic processes within Bridge Cylinder Heads.

We run a four-stage, fully documented QC inspection process through all stages of production. We don’t sample. Each product has a complete end of line QC inspection and test, conducted by our in-house QC specialist.

Initially all cylinder heads are given a unique serial number for full traceability. They are then identified, inspected, dismantled, cleaned and pressure tested for fracture and porosity to 100th of a psi. Units are then thoroughly cleaned using high pressure washing systems to remove grease and oils and an ultra sonic cleaning system for carbon.

Machining is carried out in our high tech machine shop where we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment. Complex machining operations are conducted to very high degrees of accuracy using CNC milling, concentricity specialist machines and line boring. During assembly stage each cylinder head face is resurfaced to eliminate any minor distortion. All valve and seats are refaced using Serdi equipment to ensure valve guides and seats are concentric. Valve seating is vacuum tested at three separate stages during the production process.

During our final QC inspection many additional tests and checks are made including cam shaft condition and rotation, all threads, valve clearances and re-vacuum test of valve seals. Detailed documentation is produced for each head and stored for every stage.

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